Last Minute Holiday Gifts with GiftGloss

Do you ever find yourself in a pinch over the Holidays? You need a gift for a friend, neighbor, colleague and you just don’t have time to make some goodies to share!  You find yourself heading to the market to find some store bought goodies but feel like a total dope for bring bringing something that’s not homemade. Don’t you worry!  All you need to do is keep some GiftGloss on hand with a few other handy packaging supplies and you are GOLDEN!

Christmas Goodies with GiftGloss

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I ran to the store yesterday and checked out the bakery section to find some goodies that I could repackage and give as fun gifts for friends & neighbors when you are in a pinch.  Here are some suggestions that I have…

No. 1 Select a Theme

GiftGloss 024

Even when you are in a hurry, take a few minutes to come up with a cohesive theme. This will kick your quick goodie up a notch and turn it into a stunning gift. It took just a few minutes to go through the bakery and candy section at the store to find a few items that would go with my red, white & chocolate theme.

No. 2 Packaging

Nothing screams LAME more than store bought goodies brought in their store containers. To save myself from that mistake I keep a few items on hand to save me when in a pinch…

  • GiftGloss – Not sure what GiftGloss is click here to see their video. I keep both the 6 & 12 inch rolls on hand
  • Decorative plates or containers – The skies the limit here, as long as they fit in the 6 or 12 inch GiftGloss tube.
  • Fancy parchment paper – I found my red dot parchment paper at Cost Plus World Market
  • Ribbon, twine, yarn or some type of decorative tie – I found my fun personalized ribbon on Pick Your Plum not too long ago. It says “Merry Christmas from the Thoming Family” LOVE it!!

GiftGloss 028

No. 3 Placement

You’ve taken the time to get the goodies, stock the fun packaging… Now you need to make sure you create a beautiful goodie package or plate by making sure you place thing well.

  • Don’t over crowd the plate.
  • Use the color to your advantage with color groups.
  • Think of your patterns and textures and place accordingly.
  • For large plates have one item be the show stopper then add to it with a good supportive selection of items. For example, in my large plate I have the beautiful cookies as my show stopper and then the supportive cast accentuates the beautiful cookies.

Now, if you keep all of those things well stocked, you can have some amazingly SIMPLE yet STUNNING holiday gifts in a snap. 

GiftGloss 017

The FoofQueens are making that extra easy right now with a special deal for EVERYONE!!

Christmas GiftGloss Deal

Head on over and visit the FoofQueens to stock-up on GiftGloss so you won’t be caught empty handed.

Here are some more easy ideas from the FoofQueens…

What are some of your ideas? What would you foof-up with your new GiftGloss?

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  1. Christie Ryan says

    Hi Heather!
    I was reading this post via e-mail, and noticed your adorable personalized ribbon! I actually did a double take, because I noticed “Thoming.” That is my maiden name, and never really found it to be a common name. Hmm!!? Anyway, Happy Holidays to you and your family, and thank you for all the fun posts!


    • says

      Christie! That’s crazy. Thoming isn’t a very common name. It’s my married name and most of my husband’s family is in Colorado. Where are you from?

  2. Mindy says

    I’ve been looking at this picture for months.
    I just love it! Soo festive and beautiful.
    Thanks for the fabulous idea.

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