After School Checklist + 7 More FREE Back-to-School Printables

It’s time for this month’s printable club… this month it’s 8 FREE Back to School Printables!!  School at this point seems like a distant memory as we enjoy all of our summer activities. Who really has school on the brain at this point? Well, I hate to break it to you… It’s just around the corner! My kiddos start in just three weeks!! With that said…  I’m super excited to share all the back to school printable goodies that everyone created.  This month I decided to add a stylish organizational printable to the mix, I came up with an After-School Checklist!


If your kiddos are anything like mine, they need constant reminders to help them stay on task. With this printable checklist,  they can keep it handy and help remind them of all the homework that they need to do and in the end it even reminds them to clean-up and put their backpacks away. That’s one step my kiddos NEVER remember!

The nice thing about this printable checklist, you can print it once, laminate it and use it each day with dry erase markers. How cool is that?  Print it once and use it all year long. If you don’t have a laminator, you can take it to any retail office support location and have them laminate it for just a few dollars. Simple!


Add it to a clipboard, or post it on the fridge and your kiddos have a clear way to stay organized and on track every afternoon! Won’t that take a load off your mind?! I’m actually super excited about this!


Here are 7 more fabulous and free printables from some of my favorite ladies around the web…


1. Paging Supermom: Print and frame this Alphabet Art for your wall or to give to teacher.
2. Kiki & Company: Send this fun toy in their lunch, sure to spark some giggles with friends.
3. Eighteen25: Share this pep talk print with the kids before sending them off to school.
4. The IdeaRoom: Get the kids ready for Back-to-School with this fun Countdown Banner.
5. Simple As That: Inspire a young reader with this free set of printable bookmarks.
6. Whipperberry: Help everybody get in the school routine with this after-school checklist.
7. Thirty Handmade Days: Send your kids back to school with these lunch-box jokes.
8. The Crafting Chicks: Make a sweet gift for teacher with these fill-in notes.


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    This is really great, Heather! Thanks for sharing!


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