Friday Flair & Who I Am with Melissa & Kellie from Icing Designs

Who WE are…

Melissa & Kellie from Icing Designs


  1. we are mothers and wives
  2. we are faithful
  3. we are creative, artistic and inspired 
  4. we are dreaming of one day having a shop of our own
  5. we are lovers of all things vintage and French
  6. we love the romance of ruffles, ribbon and lace
  7. we love cooking, baking and most of all eating
  8. we love outdoor markets and organic foods
  9. we think a beautifully decorated cake is truly a piece of art 
  10. we are trusting, honest life long friends that grow together each day

carol hannah call me cupcake

The simplicity of a soft romantic color palette that dances through a wedding… the feeling of awe we get when we look at the elegance and grace of an Elizabeth Messina photo…a beautifully decorated shop window that turns your glance into a longing stare…that we get lost in a French confectionary dream world when we see lovely pastries or cakes that are so artfully created…..inspire us! We are inspired by the ordinary turned into the extraordinary and the women who make that happen.

Melissa & Kellie were some of our very first blogging buddies and we LOVE them. These ladies are incredibly talented… have you seen some of their work?  It is truly divine!!!  Thanks Melissa & Kellie for sharing your talents with us!!

Now it's Party Time!!!

It’s Friday Flair… show us what you have {Whipped-Up} this week!

Here are the sticky rules {you know rules are in place so that no one gets their feelings hurt or their eye poked out! So let’s play nice.}
  • Please link up only your own projects, and link to the specific post, not your blog home page. No Etsy shops or giveaways, please.
  • You must grab a WhipperBerry button and include it somewhere in the post you’re linking, or on your home page (a text link is great too).
  • Stay and mingle (remember, it’s a party!), and leave a couple comments for other guests!


  1. says

    Can't wait to go check out icing designs!  What a fun feature.  Thanks for hosting- you know I love hanging out with you!


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