{Tutorial} DIY Freezer Paper & Crinoline Butterfly Mobile

DIY Freezer Paper & Crinoline Butterfly Mobile

I am currently in love with a number of things, a few of which are… the color white, butterflies, freezer paper and crinoline.  What is crinoline you ask?  It's a fabric that has been used for many years under skirts and dresses to give a fuller effect.  I have started using it for a couple of projects and have fallen in love with the crisp, white, rustic effect that it can add to a project.  It cuts and tears beautifully and is a dream to work with.  Enough about that… here is what you will need to make a butterfly mobile of your own. 

To begin, I needed to spray paint my metal hoop and my hardware nuts white.


Once that was done, I started on punching all of the butterflies out of the freezer paper with my Martha Stewart All Over Classic Butterfly Punch. I punched and punched because I wanted to make sure I had enough and I wasn't quite sure how many I would need. Ultimately I used 196 butterflies… so get busy!


The next step is to cut some fishing line roughly about 40 inches.  Feed the nut into the cut fishing line and center.  Fold the fishing line in half and then place the two butterflies back to back {the back being the shiny side of the freezer paper} and then carefully with a warm iron, iron the butterflies together starting at the base of the folded line, right above the nut.  This is the MAGIC of freezer paper.  When heat is applied it creates a fabulous seal with the fishing line securely in the middle of the butterfly. Continue adding six more butterflies up the line leaving roughly a three inch space between each butterfly.

I placed a total of seven butterflies {that would be 14 single butterflies} on each line. I used 14 separate strands for the large hoop that I used.  You many need more or less depending on the size hoop that you use. Set aside and grab your crinoline.

Instead of cutting my crinoline, I wanted it to have a rustic effect so I opted to tear the fabric rather than cutting it with scissors. To start the tear, I would make a little snip on the edge of the fabric about and inch in from the edge and then tear straight down the fabric. Repeat the process until you have created several one inch strips from the entire yard of fabric.  Now, you will take your scissors and cut the strips into smaller strips about seven inches long.  Tie them onto the ring in intervals of six.  After the sixth fabric strip then tie the butterfly line onto the hoop.  Tie securely and then clean up the ends at the top of the fishing line to create a clean effect.


Once you finish tying on all of the butterflies and the crinoline all you have to do is to cut four strips of white tulle roughly about about 2 yards. Fold the tulle in half and then tie on the hoop at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock.  Bring the tulle up to the top and balance the mobile and then tie the tulle in a bow.  Trim the ends to your liking and voila… you are finished!!

This mobile is perfect for so many types of rooms.  A nursery, a fun girls room of any age or even a fun accent to a shabby chic type living space.  I have actually made it for a fun room makeover for my friend Sarah's workout room. Sarah was on last season of The Biggest Loser and she wanted the butterflies to symbolize her transformation she is the middle of.  Here are some of the other projects that we have created for the room makeover…

weathered wood sign and a great mirror!


I can't wait to show off the final project in a few weeks!

This project was originally seen on Tidy Mom

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