Fabulous Silhouette CAMEO Vinyl Bundle with Bonus Discount Code

You may have already guessed this, but… my Silhouette CAMEO along with Silhouette Premium Vinyl pretty much makes my world go 'round!

I had this fun globe that I bought at Target. A while ago I painted a small section with chalkboard paint and loved playing around with sayings on it.  The issue… my kiddos kept erasing the sayings, so the majority of the time it looked like a smudged white cloud on the globe.  I decided that I needed to create one of my favorite sayings with white vinyl so that it could be a little more permanent. I love the saying, " A good deed makes a dark world brighter" and I thought it would look fun on my black globe.

How to Prepare the Globe

I covered a smallish {technical, I know} section of the globe with black chalkboard paint not worrying about creating careful lines.  I just kind of smeared the paint over the section I wanted to cover…

Once the paint had dried completely, I was then ready for the Silhouette Premium Vinyl installation.

Designing and Installing the Vinyl Lettering

I love the look of hand drawn chalkboards and I kind of wanted to go with that feel.  Now… I will be completely honest here… this project {simple as it was} took a ton of patience! I tried several different designs that I had created with the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, that once transferred to vinyl just didn't work. They were all a little too swirly for the vinyl's taste. I finally came up with a design that worked for me and also for the vinyl as well. 

I used three different fonts for this project. The top section… "A good deed makes a dark," is the Doris Day font. "World," is Modern No. 20 and "Brighter" is Vaguely Repulsive from Kevin and Amanda. All really fun fonts.

I just played around with the design until I found the right fit in the design studio, and when it felt good I cut the vinyl.  By the way, if you are looking to learn how to use your Silhouette you should check out yesterday's giveaway… it's a good one!!

I carefully installed the vinyl on the globe and now I have a fun decor piece that can proudly display in my new living room without the kiddos smudging it up!

A Special Silhouette CAMEO and Premium Vinyl Discount Code

Now's the fun part… DEAL TIME!!! The super special Silhouette CAMEO discount code just for you guys is…

Click on the image above to link to the special deal on the Silhouette Website.

 IF you already have a Silhouette CAMEO but would like to stock-up on Vinyl… all of the vinyl will be 40% off when you use the WHIPPER promo code between May 9-16! Happy Shopping!!


  1. Kal Buckles says

    My husband just asked me why a copy of your project and this special were in my new house must have list (we are moving). Do you know if HSN or anywhere that has a payment plan for the Silhouette? I really NEED one and have never yet gotten one but I’m lobbying how much money it will save him in ordering vinyl off Etsy…ssssh….don’t tell him it’s another black hole k?

  2. says

    This is completely perfect and I think I might need to ‘borrow’ it for your house! Love the choices of fonts as well! Thanks for the inspiration :)


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