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WhipperBerry's New Luxe Business Cards from // I am one of those girls that goes a little ga-ga when I see a company that has branded themselves really well. When I set out to rebrand WhipperBerry for 2013 I wanted to make sure that my new branding carried over not only on the blog but  throughout my digital and paper footprint. First, I selected some amazing design elements created by the talented Rhonna Farrer from Rhonna Designs and then went to work to create my new look. Once I figured out the overall design scheme, I knew that I wanted to create some amazing business cards for the 2013 blog conference season. 

Luxe Business Cards by Moo

I was contacted by to take their Luxe Business Cards for a test drive and to be completely honest, I wasn't too interested. I had ordered some business cards from Moo a few years ago and was not happy with how they had turned out. I actually ended up not using them at all and wasted a decent amount of money with the failed business cards. To be fair, I used my own design and it just didn't work at the size of the business card. I was disappointed that their quality control didn't contact me before printing to say that the images weren't going to work. So, when they asked if I would be interested in a review and almost said no, then I decided to give it another go to see how it went. I didn't let them know about my previous experience because I wanted to have a typical experience and I am thrilled to report the whole process was AMAZING!!

The Design Process with Moo

Moo has several types of business cards to choose from, but I wanted to try out the Luxe Cards. They are a rich, luxurious card that looks almost like a classic letterpress card and I thought it would look fantastic with my new look. I also decided to go the self-designed route again (gulp!) I created my business card design and submitted it for printing, hoping that everything would turn out alright. Much to my surprise,  I was contacted by a representative from Moo to let me know that the images weren't as crisp as they would like and then she guided me though the process of how to make them print quality for the cards. I LOVED her!! She didn't make me feel dumb, she kindly helped make sure that the cards turned out their very best. We actually emailed quite a bit and had a lovely e-chat. I couldn't help but smile when I opened my cards and there was a card inside the box with her photo and name on it, it was so nice to put a face to the wonderful lady who help make sure my business cards turned out the best that they can be!! Needless to say, my opinion of has been changed forever, thanks to Doreen. Doreen, you're the BEST!!

my moo helper

Shipment of my Moo Cards

When I finalized my card design with Doreen, my cards were printed and shipped within three days. Seriously, I had them in hand within just a few days. Another plus!! I can't tell you how many times I've been chatting with someone at a blog conference and when we went to exchange cards and they sheepishly have to say… "I don't have any, my cards didn't arrive in time." What a bummer is that? No worries of that with Moo!!  

When my shipment arrived, I was blown away. Check out the packaging…

How Moo ships your new business cards

How fancy is that? Seriously a wax seal? Nice touch Moo!! I felt like they were just as excited about my new cards as I was. There is nothing more disappointing that having your cards arrive from other companies in a crummy cheap box that hardly stands up to the rigors of shipping. It really makes you feel like they don't value your cards at all. That's not the case with Moo at all! I almost didn't want to open the box at all because it was so pretty, except for the fact that I REALLY wanted to see my new cards.  I wanted to see if they had turned out better than my first experience… I was blown away!!

My New Luxe Cards from Moo

You may not think that business cards are all that exciting, but I do. When I opened my lovely box of new cards, they took my breath away. They looked even better than I had imaged. Seriously… LOVE THEM!!

front and back of WhipperBerry's new Luxe business cards from Moo

what your luxe business cards will look like

The Luxe business cards from Moo are made with the highest quality paper and have the look and feel of the best business cards out there. I know that when I hand out these cards, I am going to be putting my best foot forward. Why on earth would you spend all that time and energy on your business and go with a cut-rate printer to create your business branding? I know I never will again!! Moo has my heart forever!!

Luxe Business Card Giveaway from would love the chance to win your heart forever too! They are giving away 100 Luxe Business Cards to THREE lucky WhipperBerry readers!! Wowza, I'm thrilled about this giveaway.  All you need to do is follow the directions in the Rafflecopter box below…


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  1. Jaylynn L says

    I never thought I would go gaga over business cards lol but I really like the Philosophy, anyone? cards.

    they are all pretty cute!


  2. Kathryn says

    These would be perfect for the business I want to start with my daughter of playing background music for events!

  3. says

    My hubby told me about this Moo card. He even requested samples from them and we loved the product. We plan to order some from their product. This Luxe Business Card is what we need :) I love the Polaroid II design. Vintage, elegant and clean. Thanks for a chance to win it!

  4. says

    I really think the "Wall to Wail Ghostpapers" sums up my first impression of Luxe but I gravitate more towards the typographical layout of "Gutenberg"; I just enjoy the creativity that went into it.

  5. says

    Tryptych is really sick. We use MOO for CanvasPop cards and I really want to try these out. By the way Heather you should check us out and we should do a similar giveaway / review with us. I think you will love CanvasPop for your photos! 

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