Ribbon Christmas Trees {Tutorial}

I wanted to do something different with my Christmas décor this year to break away from the traditional red and green. I decided to go with black and white.

But in an effort not to break the bank, I tried to make a lot of the new decorations. One thing that caught my eye this season was the ribbon Christmas trees we’ve seen so often. But I wanted to do them a little bit differently.

Ribbon Trees

Instead of folding the ribbon in half (picture on left), I looped it around (picture on right).

p_100576310_1-              ribbon-no-image

First I spray painted my Paper Mache cones black. Then I cut black and white stitched grosgrain ribbon into pieces ranging from 2.5 –4 inches. I started with the longer pieces at the bottom. After looping the ribbon, I secured each piece with hot glue, and finished row by row, shortening the ribbon lengths as I got higher.

Ribbon Trees 018

On one tree I alternated colors every row, and on the other I alternated each piece.

Ribbon Trees 024-

I finished the top with a bit more ribbon wrapped around the tip.

Ribbon Trees 013

Now I have two beautiful trees that go perfectly with my new décor!




  1. The Autocrat: Haley says

    Love how you did the twist fold instead of the regular flat fold . . . adds so much more! This is totally on my to-do list for next year!

  2. Theresa says

    Beautiful! I started on Black and White last year, and am still working on building up my decorations. Most are handmade to save money too! Gonna use this idea too!

  3. Sassy Scrapin' says

    So pretty Jamie! I think I have become addicted to the Fabric Christmas trees…I need to wrap gifts and I just keep making these trees! hehe. Love your ribbon trees and I really like your fold!

  4. Christene says

    Jamie, I love 'em! What a cute way to add some pizzazz to your holiday decor. I think my favorite is the two layers, black and white, but the other is just as cute. I want to give them a try!

  5. Krystal says

    These are SO cute… my favorite trees yet! I'm featuring this post on my blog today if you'd like to check it out.


  6. Jo Ann Moore says

    I just found this site and I love it. There are so many things that can be done and not cost a fortune. I am a number of groups and will spread the word about this site,

  7. says

    Heather, you make the most gorgeous and yet very inspiring and homey feeling designs.

    I just adore your blog even if I don’t always reply. Thank you for all you do.

    Hugs and blessings, Lori m

  8. says

    I love it. I don’t know what else to say I have to try it. So as Robin (comment 31 said) how much ribbon did it take. Oh – maybe I’ll try it with the million of paper strips I have in my house. Thanks so much.

  9. Delilah says

    I am LOVING your black and white Christmas Trees. Right after Katrina a friend talked me into going to do ceramics with her. Believe me I needed a change of pace. The 1st thing I made was a large Black Christmas tree. It was the hit of the show. I won a blue ribbon. Thanks for sharing your trees.

  10. says


    I’m planning on making these in small on paper cones to decorate a Christmas gift, but I have a question.

    Do you use hot glue where each ribbon piece crosses too to keep them together or somethign else?

    Thanks for all the great posts and ideas and thanks for your reply on Twitter :).

    I will keep my eyes on you ;)


  11. Ronald Clay says

    What kind of ribbon did you use? Is it something that we could find in a local fabric or craft store? Thanks

  12. says

    I love this idea. Very pretty. I would do it in different colors although I do like yours too. I see many possibilities with different mediums as well. Super Idea!

    Thank You and keep Crafting! :)

  13. says

    Hi, I want to thank you for your lovely images and tutorial which served as inspiration for several of my students in my Creativity Workshop, I’m posting it in my blog, hope you can click on over and take a look at their interpretation and effort http://wp.me/p1O652-Gl …thanks again and happy holidays, Alexandra


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