Back~to~School Teacher Gift & Printing on Fabric

I am so excited about this project for a couple of reasons… I love back to school!  It's not that I am ready to get the kiddos out from under foot, I just love the fresh new possibilities, the new teachers, the old and new friends, the new crayons and pencils… I love it all!!  I am also excited because I figured out how to run fabric through my printer!  Yes, you heard me right… PRINTING ON FABRIC!!!!! 


Here is what you will need for this project…


  • Some type of case ~ I bought mine at Target, but you can use anything really.  Find a pencil box that fits your style or budget.
  • Small containers for small items ~ I found mine at REI one day for less than a $1.00 a piece and thought they would be perfect.
  • Gather some fun office supplies that fit in the container that you have chosen and that you think your new teacher will like.  Here is what I selected…

* key tags * paper clips * pencils * small binder clips * small clothes pins * small sticky notes * large binder clips * magnetic clips*

  • Fabric ~ I used an inexpensive muslin which is not bulky and tears well to create the rustic edges.
  • Freezer paper ~ I couldn't find any at my local stores so I had to order mine online at Amazon.
  • You will need a basic ink jet printer.
  • Baker's Twine ~ you know I love my Divine Twine from Whisker Graphics!!

Fill your box in a fun and stylish way and then set aside.  Now comes the FUN part!!  Printing on the fabric… To begin you will need to cut your freezer paper to a standard 8 1/2 x 11 size, do the same with your fabric

Place your fabric on the shiny side of the freezer paper, turn over and then iron with a hot iron on the back of the freezer paper.  Do not iron on the fabric side.  For some reason it does not create a great seal and it won't work {believe me I tried… several times ;) 

Now your fabric is ready to print on… Click here to download the free printable of the graphic I created if you like.

Set your printer to print on heavy weight paper and run it through.  It may take a few tries until you get it right, but I managed to get it to work just fine.  They key… make sure you iron the on the back of the freezer paper side not on the fabric side.  This creates a strong seal and works like a dream.

I then cut little slits in the fabric and then tore it the rest of the way creating the rough edges…

Place the fabric label on the container with some double stick tape or flush glue dots and then embellish with the Divine Twine.  I even used a key tag to label the gift from my daughter…

Now this is a gift I think any teacher would love to get and would sure give your kiddo a leg up in the new year!!

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  1. says

    I have never tried the freezer paper, but I just tape my fabric on the loading edge to a piece of cardstock.  I also will add a couple pieces of tape down the sides to keep it from slipping.  Isn't it great thought to beable to print on Fabric?  Endless possibilities!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  2. says

    nothing short of brilliant! a whole new edge to my stamping.  now, my mind is spinning wondering…hmmm freezer paper – perhaps between hamburgers?  hey, i hope you won that bazillion dollars for YOUR ONE IN A MILLION RECIPE for otherwise boring Philly Cheese!  Counting on ya! haha.  Off to the store to get this fruzzed paper!  xox Samara

  3. Valerie says

    Thank you so much for sharing that! What a great gift! 
    Can you please tell me the name of your font? I just love it! 
    Thanks again!

  4. Everlie says

    Saw this post via TidyMom.  I had been wanting to try printing on fabric for quite some time.  The kids are back in school so I immediately stopped what I was doing and gave it a try.  Worked perfectly!  I was so excited.  I printed the words "Grace", "Mercy" and "Peace" and put them in 3 different frames and displayed on easels.  They look fantastic.  Thanks for the inspiration I needed to finally give this a try.

  5. Stephanie says

    As a teacher, I would love a gift like this! This idea can be adapted for so many other uses! You’re a star!

  6. says

    This is absolutely brilliant and has saved me the anxiety from trying to figure out how to get wording on my desings.  THANK YOU.  I totally blogged about this to share your awesome idea.

  7. says

    Ok seriously…could you get any cuter? Every time I go on Whipper Berry, I am in love…SO adorable! …not to mention one of the nicest bloggers I’ve come across, you reply to SO many comments…very rare. Thank you! Hugs! Ingrid

  8. says

    This is adorable! I immediately went to Target to pick up the supplies and get to work. The only box I found like this was $10. Is that right for a pencil box?


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