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Spring has sprung, the flowers have started to bloom, the sun is warming up and we are entering the spring gift giving season.  Mother's Day, Graduation, Teacher Appreciation, Weddings all start to fill our calendars.  With our calendars filling up, we now have a need for easy and fabulous gifts! I don't know about you, but over the years I have found that I LOVE getting a gift card.  That way I can get exactly what I want, plus it's an excuse to go shopping!!  The problem… they are kind of boring when you gift them.  With the help of my favorite GiftGloss you can give a boring gift card with a little pizzazz!!


If you aren't familiar with GiftGloss it is a fabulous way to create stunning gifts for your friends and family.  GiftGloss® is a unique gift wrap material, developed by the FoofQueens®, that allows you to create snazzy gifts in minutes. Whether you’re wrapping a birthday treat, wedding gift or plate of yummy cookies, GiftGloss instantly turns your gift into a show-stopping celebration! It's a fabulous slide n' tie sleeve that all you have to do is slide your item into and then tie it off on both ends and voila, you have a fun gift. 

For the candy leis I picked some fun candy and tied off the end of the gloss with what ever material you would like. I used baker's twine, but you could use anything. Then dropped in a few candies at a time tying it off every few inches to create the lei effect.


Then drop your gift card into your desired spot and tie it off just like the candy…

Once you have the desired length, tie the two ends together and you have a fun gift card candy lei…

Now what mom or teacher wouldn't love this fabulous sweet treat? I embellished mine with a fun cupcake liner flower that I made with my i-top button maker. Here is how I made it…

I used two small cupcake liners, two large cupcake liners and one i-top brad. I trimmed the edge of one of the small cupcake liners to fit the brad and secured it in place by folding it down.


Load into the i-top. Take the second small cupcake liner and place on top of the loaded brad top and then place the bottom of the brad inside the i-top and click it into place.



Take your two large cupcake liners and arrange them how you like by manipulating the center of the liner to create the desired effect.  Take the brad that you just created and push through the center to create the flower.


You can then take your flower brad and poke it through the gift gloss and secure it to embellish your gift card candy lei.

How fun is that? Now you can be excited to give a gift card, rather than sheepishly handing them a boring flat envelope thanks to the FoofQueens and GiftGloss!!

The FoofQueen are offering you guys a fabulous deal so that you can create some of these for your spring gift giving needs…

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Thanks FoofQueens, you guys are WONDERFUL!!


  1. says

    Very cute idea! This would be so fun for a graduation gift. Thanks for sharing!

  2. [email protected] says

    Another fantastic project! I am sure this gift would be well received by anyone! I hope you’ll link up to my Teacher Appreciation Linky Party!

  3. jeni says

    in the kingdom of tonga (near fiji/samoa), they give out candy leis pretty often. they just use saran wrap to hold it all together. not quite as pretty, but you’re sure to have it around the house…


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