Add a Little Glam with Styled by Tori Spelling

Add a little glam with Styled by Tori Spelling // It's no secret… I'm in love with the fun little trinkets from the Styled by Tori  line of customizable jewelry collection. I've been having a ball creating fun items over the last few months, but I thought I would show off some of the glam that I've found from around blogland to wet your whistle a bit more. 


This Winter Mantel from Positively Splendid is truly stunning!! The gold and navy theme is perfect for a little gold pop of glam from Styled by Tori. I just love the little details…


Divine!! It's so fun to add the little pops of glam to mantel displays or vignettes that you create to decorate your home though the seasons. I loved my New Years vignette where I used some of the gold glam like Amy… 

candle makeover with styled by tori #toristyle

These little trinkets are perfect to take a project to a whole new level. They are also a wonderful way to embellish gifts to share with your friends, teachers, neighbors, anyone really!  These lovely bookmarks made by Christina from An Intimate Wedding… 


I would LOVE to receive one of these bookmarks. You can tell that the person gifting these really took the time to make something special for you. Tori's line of glitz is also fun to make hair accessories out of…


These Downton Abby inspired hair accessories created by Cindy from Haute31 are just to die for. Who wouldn't want to travel back in time for a bit, to live like the ladies from Downton Abby? Thanks to Styled by Tori we can do just that. Amy from Positively Splendid also made a wearable accessory… A felt poppy flower that is just luscious..


It's perfect for dressing up a bag or outfit or even dressing up your home decor.  Because the Styled by Tori line is so affordable, you can even use it to add a special touch to your party or event. I love the vintage brooch escort cards that Christina made from An Intimate Wedding…


It's a fantastic way to add a little vintage glam without the vintage price! And… Let's not forget the jewelry that we can make with these little gems. 


This DIY Brooch Necklace form Wearing It On My Sleeves is just too fun! I also just adore the statement ring that I made a few months ago as well…


You know you can find the full line of Styled by Tori at Michaels and select pieces at JoAnns as well. What have you made? Share a link in the comments section.  I would love to see what you guys have created with these fun items!


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