DIY Polka Dot Denim

DIY Polka Dot Denim Jeans // Here is our last Creative Team post for this month. I'm thrilled to introduce Haley from Life is Sweet! Haley has been a long time WhipperBerry friend from back when WhipperBerry was the new kid on the block. She has always been so supportive and a wonderful friend. Haley may not know this but she is a real example to me… She is such a wonderful mother and a positive example that has a gift for lifting others and making them feel special. Haley has amazing style and shares fun projects and recipes peppered in a blog about her beautiful family and the lessons she learns in this daily journey we call life & parenthood!

  Hello WhipperBerry friends! I'm still on cloud 9 to be able to share here with the rest of the lovely ladies on the WhipperBerry Creative Team…thank you Heather! Today I'll be sharing a tutorial involving one of my favorite patterns: polka dots. They can be fun and casual, classy and bold. I've seen polka dotted pants here and there for a little while now, and I love them! Recently I found a pair of white denim pants with black polka dots that I couldn't help but gush over, sadly the price tag put a stop to that train rather quick. So I made them happen with a pair of pants I already owned! And they're my new favorite pair of jeans. Do you like polka dots? If so, give this a try!



- Denim (or any kind of pants or skirt really…needs to be washed at least once prior to painting)
- Fabric paint (I love the Tulip brand…can be found at most craft stores and even Walmart)
- Pencil to mark the dots
- Stamp/Eraser of a pencil to stamp the dots (or something that is the right size of dot you're wanting)
- Paper, cut in a diamond-shape for the stencil (mine had a long cross-section of 3 inches, and a short cross-section of 2 inches)



You'll want to set the diamond stencil on the denim and mark all four corners with small dots. Then move the diamond, matching up one of the sides with two of the dots, and then mark the remaining two corners. And repeat…over and over. 
TIP: Do your best to match them up, but don't stress about having them be exactly in alignment. :) That is why I chose to do a diamond as opposed to a square, I think it hides imperfections better.



Lay your pants on a flat surface. With your eraser (or other tool for painting the dots) dab a small amount of fabric paint and then lightly press it onto denim over your pencil marks. Repeat for each dot. 
TIP: You may need to dap/press twice if the dot needs to be darker/more solid, just be sure not to have too much paint on the eraser, you can always mark it again, but you can't make an already-painted mark smaller. 



Let the one side dry (a couple hours should be good, but lightly touch the last dot you painted to be sure the paint isn't wet) and then flip over to mark and paint the other side (Steps 1 and 2). Let fully dry…then have fun wearing them out on the town!
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  1. says

    What a great idea!! I Would love for you to link up at my Work it Wednesday linky party!


  2. .Marsha says

    What a great idea!  This is one time seeing spots is exactly what the doctor ordered!  Thanks for the excellent how to.  You make it so easy and possible


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