$2.00 DIY Beach Bag

Hi Whipperberry readers!  It's Jenn from My Fabuless Life back this month to show you a super simple, super affordable little beach bag I threw together for a recent family vacation.  Literally, if you have five minutes and a five dollar bill, you can make this–you don't even need a personal cutter!  And what's extra awesome about this project is that you can use this method to "screen print" just about anything that's fabric!  

Our family recently went on vacation to the beautiful Oregon Coast and this trip meant two things for us: LOTS of time in the car (we drove from Utah to Oregon) and LOTS of time at the beach.  I always pack my 3 year old daughter a road trip bag and a brand new bag to hold all of the goodies is part of the fun.  For this trip, my $2.00 bag pulled double-duty by holding all of her stuff during the car ride and then all of our treasures and toys once we got there and were ready to spend our days on the beach.

To make your own bag you'll need:
Freezer paper
Craft paint + Fabric Medium
A cloth bag (I got mine for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby without the 40% coupon)

Find the image you want to use: for this one, I just Googled "Whale Silhouette" and found one that I liked.  Click on the image so it shows up on your screen like this (in Google, you can also click "view original image"):



Zoom in or out on the image until it's the size you want and then just lay your freezer paper right over the computer screen and trace GENTLY!  Let's not go ruining any computer screens here, since that would sort of negate this whole $2.00 project thing.  You should be tracing on the freezer paper shiny side down (pencil marks will be on the dull side).

Next, just cut out the image with an Exacto knife.  Make sure to leave plenty of room around your shape to "slop" your paint so it stays on the paper and doesn't smudge all over your fabric.  Make sense?  If not, you'll see what I mean below.

I wanted this to be sort of "kid chic" so I left the cute little face off of the whale–not to mention, it makes it that much easier to cut and paint.  Next, iron your freezer paper onto your fabric shiny side down.  Make sure to iron it down good and tight so your paint doesn't bleed underneath (I do it with my iron on the highest setting).  Also be sure to iron your bag or shirt or whatever you're using prior to painting it.  Painting on wrinkled fabric will not give you pretty results.

Next comes paint: mix the paint and medium according to the instructions on the bottle of fabric medium (which can be found with the craft paints).  I used gold paint (like I said, I was going "kid chic" here and it glitters in the sun–BONUS!) and my fabric medium ratio was 2 parts paint to 1 part medium.  This gives you a softer finish on the fabric once the paint dries.  You can do this without the medium, but your paint will be stiff and won't soften as much in the wash.  YES–you CAN wash it!!

Apply your paint (you can use a brush or a dobber), let the paint dry a little and then pull the freezer paper off and let the paint dry overnight.  DONE & DONE!!

This is such a fun easy way to personalize gifts.  Onesies for baby showers, book bags for kids, team t-shirts for little ones…the possibilities are really endless.  Later this week over at MFL, I'll be showing you what I filled this bag with for my little one and my favorite tips for LONG road trips with kids so make sure to stop by!

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    This is a really wonderful tutorial. It's always nice when you can make your own beach bag. Less expensive, and great way to have a unique bag!

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    I am going to hunt some bags down and make them cute now.  Thanks for the tutorial!

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