Gingerbread House 2011

Last weekend Christene hosted her annual Gingerbread House party and we had a ball!!  Christene is the Gingerbread House QUEEN.  This woman has it down to a fine science and she really knows how to throw a great party.  Here is her Gingerbread House 101 post from last year. It comes with recipes for the gingerbread and the royal Icing (the glue), a printable template to help you to create your structure plus a tutorial.  It's your Gingerbread one stop shop!!

Here is my creation for this year

What are some of your traditions for this time of year?


  1. says

    Thats such a beautiful photo. You asked what kind of traditions do others do this time of year? I am really big at celebrating St. Nikolaus Tag. It has been the biggest holiday growing up and now I share it with my daughter. Although it was last week, its still a huge tradition we share


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