The Great Pinterest Hunt /// Day ONE

Welcome everyone to Day ONE of The Great Pinterest Hunt…

The Great Pinterest Hunt /// Day ONE Giveaway

We are starting the event off with a bang with our favorite storage solution… The Original ScrapBox WorkBox!! Think that the 'Transformers' are only for kids? Then you've never seen The WorkBox. It will optimize prime real estate in your home. You may not save the world with it, but you will save time, money, space and your sanity. Pull out the boxes and bags from your closets. Gather the piles from your tables and counters. Arrange it all into your perfectly sized canvas drawer totes and onto our 86 adjustable shelves. You'll be amazed by how much stuff you can fit in The WorkBox. Before you know it, your room will be transformed from chaos and clutter to pristine and productivity.

The Great Pinterest Hunt /// Day ONE Hunt

So… here's how the HUNT is going to work.  We have two images hidden in our Crew's pinboards.  Below in the Rafflecopter widget you will find the clue and the link to the board.  You will then need to repin the image and then continue to fill out the entries in the Rafflecopter widget.  Once you have completed that you have entered for Day ONE of The Great Pinterest Hunt.  It's super fun and easy so come and play along!!

Scrapbox: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Day TWO of The Great Pinterest Hunt!!


  1. Patty Brown says

    Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…for the chance to win such an awesome prize!!!
    Entering the contest wasn’t very easy…but I got through it!
    Again thank you for the opportunity to win!!!

  2. Colette Ladbrook says

    HI – great fun! Just checking to see if we need a specific contest board – or can we pin the finds on any of our boards!?

  3. says

    I am so frustrated trying to enter this giveaway. The clues don’t seem to be very helpful and this Rafflecopter widget only compounds my confusion. I don’t know to do next. I feel like I’ve pinned, tweeted and followed everything I could but I don’t if I was successfully entered and I’m afraid to try Day 2. Can you help? Thanks!

  4. says

    Okay….hmmmm………have been checking this page since 6 a.m. off and on several times, can you tell I am excited about this?!? Maybe I missed the information, does it start a certain time each day?

  5. says

    I am with Amelia, I am having touble figuring out how to enter this contest. I have spent about a half an hour trying to figure it out. Very frustrating. I tried to follow some of the others links but still can’t figure it out. Looks like fun concept,, but I just feel very stupid right now even admitting I am having so much trouble. I thought I was fairly computer savvy.

  6. Stephanie Wise says

    I looked and looked and looked on Craft Rooms. I couldn’t find anything. Before giving up completely, I noticed there were several pins with no photos. I decided to try pinning each of them and then checking to see if each qualified me for the give-away. I was lucky as the first one I chose was the correct one. Ya’ll might want to check this out though to make sure it isn’t a problem for other folks as well. Otherwise, this was loads of fun!

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