Cute Little Spooky Spiders for Halloween Decor

Looking for a fun, last minute Halloween idea? Need something simple that takes less than a minute to make? How about a cute little spooky spider to add to your Halloween décor…

spooky spiders copy

For a few years I’ve seen those metal spider leg cupcake holders that you use to add a little creepy crawly to your Halloween cupcakes and thought… It would be so fun to make something with those cute legs rather than just a cupcake.  Then it hit me… why not take a black Christmas ornament, turn it upside down onto the legs and add some googlie eyes. How cute will that be. Here’s what you will need…

supplies for a spooky spider

  • Black Christmas ornaments (I used the glitter kind, but it doesn’t matter)
  • Large self-adhesive google eyes

All you have to do in invert the Christmas ornament onto the cupcake holder like this…

how to make a cute spider

No need to glue them together if you don’t want.  I decided that I wanted to keep my options open, so I didn’t glue them together. I have commitment issues. Then you can place the eyes wherever you see fit and voila, your done!  Now all you have to do is find some fun spots to place these cute little creepy crawlies.

cute little spooky spider display from whipperberry

I used mine in this year’s Halloween mantle and just fell in love with these little buggers. Take that… a Halloween craft in less than a minute! What’s your favorite quickie holiday craft?

Heather copy


  1. says

    Absolutely love these! I’ve never seen the spider cupcake holders…what a perfect way to make them multi-purpose! And the rest of your mantel is perfectly spooky and so festive. :) love it all!

  2. di says

    Terrific idea.  I have never seen the cupcake holders.  But very clever on your part.  So cute….  Not only that kids some times need to bring craft spiders and bigger is better.  This would be so simple for a mom and child to do.


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