Halloween Decorations with American Crafts & Target

This Halloween Decorations post brought to you by American Crafts // ' Tis the season to start dressing up our homes with all kinds of creepy, crawly decor. I have to admit in the past I have not been much of a Halloween decor person. I've never really gotten into the macabre & grotesque side of Halloween. However, In recent years the Halloween trends have become way more fun in my eyes and I've fallen in love with decorating for this playful holiday. Companies like American Crafts have also made it so dang EASY to dress-up our home decor and spook things out for our parties!

Halloween Decor with American Crafts

A few weeks ago the crew at American Crafts sent over some goodies that they have created for Target for this year's Halloween season and they are soooo stylish and fun to work with! 

Halloween crafts with American Crafts

The products range from full kits like the paper wreath, witches hats & banner all the way down to stylish washi tape and everything in between. You can buy little individual elements to create with, or buy a full kit that comes with everything you need. I put together this stunning paper wreath that was a SNAP to make.

American Crafts Halloween Paper Wreath

The kits come with everything you need, you don't even have to bust out the glue or tape. The instructions are easy to follow and the project comes together really quick. For this one I did find that a stapler did come in a little handy at times, but for the most part everything worked like a charm. I used the wreath to dress-up my entryway and I love how everything turned out.

I added stickers to some glass containers that I had laying around. It's simply amazing how even just that, transforms the whole scene into something a little spooky.

American Crafts Crushed Newt Sticker

American Craft Halloween Stickers

Next, I made the banner from the Happy Halloween banner kit. The EASIEST BANNER EVER!! Seriously… Everything is self-adhesive so it's just stick-it and go.

American Crafts Halloween

The cool thing is you can make whatever element just how it is pictured in the kit, or you can (if you feel comfortable) bring out your creative side and use the elements to invent your own masterpiece. I used the elements from the witches hat kit to dress-up some straws for the display.

Dressed-up Straws with American Crafts

I love how they turned out! 

American Crafts Halloween Decor

You can find all of these fun products, plus several more at your local Target store. Go grab'em before they are gone. As cute as they are, they are sure to sell out FAST!!

Disclaimer // This is an American Crafts sponsored post. I received free product and payment for this post. However, all thoughts, ideas and opinions are my very own. I want you to know that I will NEVER post on a product that I don't love or would use in my normal everyday life.


  1. Julie says

    I bought the circular "Happy Halloween" kit at Target. It was NOT quick and easy. It it supposed to be held together with paperclips – but you do have to staple or bust out the hot glue gun. Also, note that the photo on the packaging shows 13 paper cones and there are only 12 in the package, which feels like false advertising to me.

    • says

      Julie, We're sorry you have had trouble with the paper wreath kit. You are right in noting that the incorrect image was used on the package, which can be a little confusing. We'd be happy to help you out if there's anything we can do. 


  2. Amy says

    I purchased the Halloween wreath as well this year. I thought that it would be a great addition to my decorations and I was extremely wrong. Save your money on this wreath. I did not have as good of luck as the poster did. First of all the picture shows 13 different patterned papers, you only receive 12 so no matter what you do your wreath will not look the same as in the picture. Not to mention that the adhesives are lacking as well as the instructions. When did manufactures think that making it "easy" meant lets take away all instructions that you read and only give pictures. And the pictures in their so called "instructions" are in accurate. I am sure that they should have tested this product a little more before putting it out on the market. Save your money everyone… its not worth it!

  3. Gina Oster says

    I have to agree with Julie.  The missing cone made the whole thing more difficult to assemble.  Mine also came without the spacer and the paperclips.  No big deal, but then the adhesive paper had no stick whatsoever, and the whole thing kept falling apart until I got wise and used whatever I could find to get the thing to hold together.  I was too lazy to run upstairs for the stapler but I might use it later to reinforce it.   Scared to go look at it now, suspect there are cones all over the floor.  The poor quality of the product took the fun out of it for me.  

  4. Andrea says

    All of these are SO cute! When I discovered this in early October, I had to go get some of these items. Unfortunately, one of the items I wanted was the black Happy Halloween tape, which I was not able to find anywhere. One of our local stores doesn’t carry these types of items (crazy!); the other one was out. The next nearest Target was across the state line 45 minutes away and they were out. My sister searched her local CA stores with no luck; my mom searched the stores in VA and no luck. :( So throwing this out there: would anyone reading this happen to have a snippet of this Happy Halloween tape that they would sell/ship to me? Yes, we are now past Halloween but hoping there is an off-chance that someone has a bit of this left and would be able to part with a small piece. Thanks for considering.

  5. Renee says

    Need help!  I purchased the Christmas Wreath by American Crafts from Target.  It is very similar to Targets's Halloween wreath.  I can not figure out how to fold the cardstock to get the correct geometry figure.  The directions are vague and I need more details.  I would appreciate any support.



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