Recipe~ The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake… Ever!

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I have a dear friend, Janeen, who makes the most amazing Chocolate Cake EVER!!! It’s one of those cakes that leaves a lasting impression, it haunts you until you finally break down and beg your sweet friend to please share the recipe with you.  Then you beg some more to see if you can share it with the world.  Janeen, my dear, the world is going to LOVE you and your amazing cake!!

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The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake… Ever!

1 Chocolate Cake Mix (any kind, I've used chocolate fudge, Swiss chocolate, or milk chocolate)

1 C Mini Chocolate Chips

1 cup Sour Cream

1 Pkg. of Chocolate Pudding (small 3.5 oz. box)

Prepare cake as directed on box, and add sour cream, pudding and chocolate chips.  Pour into 2 9-inch round baking pans.  Bake as directed on box (you might need to add a minute or two to the baking time because of the added ingredients).  Place on a wire rack to cool.

Equally Impressive Chocolate Frosting

1 cup butter at room temperature

3 oz. Ghirardelli 100% cocoa chocolate bar

4-5 cups powered sugar


Chop the chocolate, then place in double boiler until melted.  Cream together butter, chocolate, and 4 cups of powered sugar. Add milk as needed for desired consistency.  Combine until creamy; continue to add powered sugar and milk until it is the consistency and taste that you want.  Place one layer of cake on cake stand and frost the top, then add the second layer and frost the rest of the cake.

Garnish with chocolate curls.  I like to make bigger curls for this cake.  Melt some chocolate, get a 9 inch round cake pan and turn upside down and then spread the chocolate on it as a thin, thin layer.  Let cool until the chocolate is set and then get a cheese slicer or potato peeler, and slice the chocolate into curls. 

Chocolate Cake

Janeen made this Heavenly cake for our Bloggers Night Out {Vegas Style} [more on that to come!] this past weekend, and blew everyone away!! Janeen you are a doll!!




  1. Walking by Faith says

    My sister's birthday is this weekend and she has requested I make her a chocolate cake. I have another recipe ready to go, but this sure looks divine! I may be giving it a try. ;)

  2. [email protected] says

    Janeen, I LOVE you!! (i got to try this cake this weekend) and it IS absolutely DIVINE!!

  3. Christene {WhipperBerry} says

    I can attest to the delicate deliciousness of this masterpiece! You take a tiny slice and then wish you hadn't been so conservative! It is so tasty! Janeen, you are a fabulously talented Lady! Thanks for topping off our night in grand style!!

  4. [email protected] Walk says

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. Yummy!

  5. Vivian says

    Oh you did not just post about the best chocolate cake ever!! I am so in trouble!! Making…yep right about NOW! Aside from this recipe you also made my day by giving me the WIN!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  6. Calla Lael Photography says

    New follower – that's great that you call the comments love notes. :o) I love to bake and this looks absolutely delicious. I'm not big on frosting so I'm glad you took a picture of it sliced because it looks moist and inviting! Mmmm

  7. Calla Lael Photography says

    And just like visiting Eighteen 25, I got distracted. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway over at Kiki Creates – you ladies are awesome!

  8. adventures of a spouse says

    My mom used to make this when I was little in a bundt pan without the frosting – delicious that way as well (especially for me, i'm funny about textures and don't like frosting). :)

  9. Anonymous says

    I just barely finished making this cake for my chocoholic sister's birthday. I haven't gotten to eat the actual cake yet but the frosting alone had my eyes crossing! I used a little heavy cream in mine instead of milk, wow! Fluffy, rich yumminess!! The prep was fantastically easy and it looks great! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  10. Anonymous says

    sadly i can't make this. Cake mix is not something i know where to buy (wouldn't want to)and anyways my mum is gluten intolerent :(
    still, looks AMAZING!

    i'm no snob, i just like to know everything in my cakes.

  11. Colleen says

    I've been making a version of this cake with 4 eggs, 1/2 a cup of rum and 1/4 cup of oil added to it for years, my grandmother taught me. It freezes AMAZINGLY, turns into a layer cake or bundt cake beautifully and is generally just awesome. It's even won me a few awards ;)

  12. Anonymous says

    There is one problem with using cake mixes and such in recipes: these products are not widely available, for example, in Europe. I always have to skip these recipes as I have no idea what actually goes into a generic "cake mix" so I could make my own substitute.

  13. Anonymous says

    i'm dying to try this!!! do you use pudding mix ( as in the powder) or ready made (cooked) pudding?

  14. Anonymous says

    I made this for my family's Mother's day party. My aunts absolutely LOVED it! (They demanded I make copies of the recipe because they don't have internet) It was described several times as "orgasmic" and two of my aunts actually fought over who would take home the left overs. This was my first time making a -real- cake (anything fancier than a funfetti cake. I'm only 18! lol) I accidentally bought normal sized chocolate chips so I used only half a cup of them, and topped the cake with them aswell (there were A LOT!) And I only needed to add a tablespoon of milk & an extra cup and a half of sugar to the frosting. (To everyone asking about the pudding, I put it in as powder, it turned out fine. So I guess that's what you're supposed to do.) Hope everyone enjoys theirs as much as we enjoyed it!

  15. Anonymous says

    When you are making the cake as directed – instead of putting water in it like the box says, substitute 7-up. It will make it even better! You can do that with any cake mix – it adds something amazing!

  16. Four Renners (and a half) says

    I made this cake shortly after you posted this. Here is my conversation with my husband:

    Him: "Wow. This is really good. Why doesn't Rex (a friend of ours) like cake?"
    Me: "He says they are too dry. And icky. I believe he used the work icky."
    Him: "Wow. You should make him this one. I think he'd like cake."

    And while the hubs is a good sport about the food I make, he LOVED this cake.

  17. madeline says

    Super super super good(: for anyone wondering i use the instant pudding (the powder,not prepared yet).
    I tried to make a white version later which turned out ok. It was almost too moist so i'd take out the white chocolate chips and maybe use half the pudding. My brother doesn't like chocolate so i did it for him.

  18. Anonymous says

    Second go at this cake after the first was I presented for a birthday was a HUGE success! Everyone raved that it WAS the best chocolate cake they had ever eaten!

    This time I added 4 1/2 oz. of chocolate to the frosting to up the decadant factor a little bit…wow! So glad I found this recipe, everyone who's tried it has begged for the recipe! Thanks again!

  19. Anonymous says

    I'm new to this site and this very cake has made me a subscriber. I made this for my Hubby, who is not the biggest chocolate fan. He lived to eat this cake. It only lasted 2 days. I made them in square pans and served with Spumoni ice cream. Yummy.

  20. Anonymous says

    powder pudding mix or already made chocolate pudding?! someone help, im in the middle of making this for my brothers birthday

  21. Anonymous says

    okay, this is a really important question. i Plan too make this cake very soon, so yes id personally like too know about the pudding dispute…. and also adding carbonated water or soda too the cake, can i still add in the eggs oil etc? or would that be a bad idea? is it just soda and nothing else or soda and everything else optional?

  22. Anonymous says

    I made this cake (first one ever) for our Memorial day picnic.
    It was a huge hit. I will make this over and over and over again.
    Thanks for making me look good

  23. Anonymous says

    I'm glad we don't have cake mix available in Europe – who needs it anyway? Making a "chocolate cake" using cake mix is totally ambiguous! Is it that hard for you to make a cake from the beginning? And the frosting, ffs. You don't need to put butter and sugar(!) in it, the chocolate already has sugar. Cream and a bit of liquor heated with the chocolate is enough to make a delicious frosting.

    I laugh everytime I read this so called "recipes" that have 90% of the main ingredients totally processed in the first place.

    Seriously, Americans, you really need to re-think the way you eat. You have some delicious and healthy stuff too, but the cake mixes and the mac&cheese stuff and putting soda in the cake(!) and the whole comfort food thing goes beyond my understanding.

  24. Nicky G. says

    This is legitimately the most amazing chocolate cake ever, I'm working on finding the perfect pan for my best friend's wedding!

  25. Anonymous says

    I made cupcakes using this recipe and they were soooo delicious. This is going to be my go to recipe for chocolate cake from now on!

  26. says

    wow! i can't believe i see a recipe for this cake. I have been making this exact cake for over 25years. The only difference is i perfer to put it in a bundt pan at 350 degrees for 50 minutes and when it's cool i sprinkle confectionery sugar all over the top. The cake is so moist and rich i feel it doesn't need all the icing, I also serve homemade whip cream and vanilla ice cream.  Your cake does look very beautiful!

  27. Alley H says

          You do NOT have to make the pudding before adding it in. I got the instant pudding 3.9 oz box and I just dumped the powder in with the cake mix, and it worked fine. It made the cake really moist.
         What I didnt like was the 1 cup mini chocolate chips. It was way too much. When I took a bite out of the cake, all I could tasts was the chocolate chips; which I did not find very pleasant. In my opinion, the cake tastes much better without the chocolate chips. If chocolate chips is desired, try adding only 1/2 a cup instead of 1 cup.
         Otherwise, this cake was fantastic =)


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