DIY Chevron Memo Chalkboard

Here is a fun project that I dreamt up the other day after a quick trip to the thrift store.  I found this great sketch pad and it was calling my name!!  I thought it would make a fun DIY Chevron Memo Chalkboard, with a stitch of Krylon Spray Paint{blue ocean breeze} and some fun Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint I knew we would be in business.

So… a sketch pad is like a giant clip board that you can buy at art supply stores and it generally looks like this {just a little less used}…

I have found some new, here for a little over $9.00.  Mine is 26×23.  I started off by masking the clips so that when I spray painted it they would be protected…

Then I spray painted the whole thing using Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze Spray Paint.  Once I gave it a few good coats I let it rest for a few days so that the paint would fully dry.  Then I taped off a fun and ever popular chevron pattern and began the spraying process all over again with Krylon's Chalkboard paint


Isn't it cute?  Here is where I got a little stuck.  I knew it need a little more, but I didn't want it over the top.  My freshman isn't the super frilly type.  So… then I thought about adding a basic small rope or twine to the bottom so that she could hang some of her favorite pictures with cute clothes pins! That should do the trick…

Then, all I had to do was figure out a way to hang it in her room.  I decided to take some of the same rope wrap it around the top clips and then hang it from a wreath hanger placed over the back of her bedroom door…

Now she can use the clips to keep track of important papers and then use the chevron chalkboard as a calendar of sorts. How fun is that.  My younger daughter is getting a little jealous, I may have to make her one too!!

This was originally a guest post at Brown Paper Packages for their back-to-school event.


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    I saw this the other day on BPP and though it was absolutely amazing!!!! I need to totally keep an eye out for one of these sketch boards. The pictures at the bottom really add to it too:-)

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      Jocelyn, you’re a doll! I found mine at the thrift store and fell in love, but you can find them online starting around $9.00. I found mine for $7.00. Good luck, let me know if you find one!

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    My two favorite things rolled into one…chevron patterns and chalkboards! Great idea and ditto liking the photos at the bottom…This would make a great “going away to college” gift!

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    I LOVE THIS! So pretty. & (like everyone else said) the pictures at the bottom at that special something-something to it.

    Is that chalk you used? Or is that chalk marker? Curiosity wants to know :D

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