EVO 2012 // Why I LOVE This Conference

Not all blog conferences are created equal, I've been to a fair share and I've seen the good, the bad and the spectacular. EVO 2012 // The Evolution of Women in Social Media Conference is one of my favorites! This year was my second year and even the second time around I was blown away. 

Why Attend EVO?

EVO is a conference that covers several types of blogs. You have your foodies, your mommy bloggers, the humorists and the creatives. It kind of sounds like all the social groups in high school.  You have your preppies, the jocks, the headbangers, the skaters, the stoners {wow, I think I'm dating myself!} My point is, the conference is full of all types of bloggers with many different passions and I believe, that's what makes it special.  We all have our strengths and weakness and to be able to share our work with each other only builds our community even stronger.

EVO has several different types of classes and workshops.  I tend to stick with the foodie side of things because I love it for one, but I also feel what I learn in the food photography sessions translates really well into my specific kind of photography.  Photographing a craft project isn't too different from photographing a recipe. I went to several hands on workshops this year and I'm not going to bore you with a run down of all of them, I'm just going to give you a little taste of my favorite one.

My very first workshop at EVO this year rocked my world!  I've had a blog crush on the White on Rice Couple for some time, but to have the opportunity to have an intimate workshop with them was a dream come true.

We started the workshop that was sponsored by Truvia with an amazing lunch at the top of the mountain at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.

After lunch we learned about all the fun stuff that you can do with Truvia's new Baking Blend and had a ball making Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies using the new Truvia Baking Blend… they turned out great by the way.

After the baking class we headed right into the food styling an photography class with Todd and Diane from White on Rice.  This was my FAVORITE part.  I could sit and listen to them teach for days and not get bored, They have a sneaky way of teaching you not only about working with food and photography, but about life! They have such talent and are so wonderful to share their talents unselfishly.

The conference was packed full of fabulous classes, workshops, speakers and get togethers that were fun, informative and life changing in some cases.  I HIGHLY recommend EVO'13 if you are looking for a great conference to attend next year.

What's a blog conference without a little silliness…

Here's sweet Desiree from The 36th Avenue and Kristyn from Lil'Luna having fun playing with their cameras when we were supposed to be mixing up cookies.  LOVE those girls!!

Our Digs with Links Luxury Rentals

This year instead of staying at The Canyons {which is lovely, by the way} I had the opportunity to bunk with some of my favorite people at a luxury penthouse condo owned by Links Luxury Rentals. This place was swank!!

Check out all the fun details… A beautiful farmhouse sink in the kitchen, reclaimed barn wood floors, high ceilings, stylishly furnished and tons of room to gather with 17 of your favorite friends!! Seriously, it you really want to see all the fun you should check out my instagram… it was WAY too much fun for one weekend!

Here's a look at the master bedroom and one of the FOUR bathrooms…

Here's the crew /// Tauni SNAP! | Myself | Amy The Idea Room | Michelle A Little Tipsy | Desiree The 36th Avenue | Kristyn Lil'Luna | Landee Landee See Landee Do | Jen & Jodie Eighteen25 | Shauna & Courtney The Orange Blossom Shop | Mandy Vintage Revivals | Brooke All Things Thrifty | Kristen Kristen Duke Photography

Love ALL these girls and can't wait until I get to see them again!!  Thank you so much to Links Luxury Rentals for helping us find a fabulous place to stay in while in Park City.

Overall the conference was amazing and I plan on attending next year for sure!! Have you attended any conferences?  What has been your favorite so far?


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    Seeing all of the Evo pictures on FB while Evo was still in session about killed me! I wanted to make the 3 hour drive down and crash it! I plan on going next year though. I heard some amazing things about this year!

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