Friday Flair Link Party // Features no. 4

Friday Flair Link Party // Welcome to the weekend… It's finally FRIDAY!! The temperatures are heading up and we've been busy trying to stay cool. We had a full week with all kinds of fun projects and new adventures that you'll get to hear more about next week.

Hales a.k.a Lil'Whip got her drivers permit this week, and I am now officially a crazy, nervous wreck! I don't know how parents have done this before. I know people do. My parents did… But how is this really going to work. I feel like the minute she walked out of that DMV with that permit in hand, I was officially sending her out to the wolves. I'll get over this, we all do… hopefully. You know those commercials where the little 4 year old is sitting in the car with the father giving her instructions on how to drive… Yea, that's how I feel.

On that note, how about some fun from last week's Friday Flair?  We had all kinds of fun goodies that I can't wait to share…

friday flair features

diy armillary sphere // cherry bread pudding // hot air balloon mobile 

Friday Flair Feature 2

cake batter ice cream // kitchen towel art // calendar journal box

Friday Flair Feature 4

gf peanut butter cookies // fox water color // lemon ice cream

Friday Flair Feature 5

old fashioned lemonade // painted caddy // macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies with coconut

Here's what the WhipperBerry Creative Team has been up to this week…

WB Creative Team

mint chocolate chip ice cream from one sweet appetite // triple chocolate deep dish brownie from a pretty life 

Now, let's get the Link Party Started





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    Thanks for the party and the feature Heather!  I am already dreading the day my children turn 16 – a whole new level of worrying wll begin! :)  Good luck to your daughter with her driving – it is such a wonderful and amazing time for her!  Have a wonderful weekend.

    Jenn :)

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    Thank you for hosting your party, Heather! Have a nice weekend!

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    Thanks for hosting Heather! And for featuring the Lemonade.  I'm with you- how did our parents do it??? I'm asking myself that A LOT these days as we enter teenager-dom.  Good luck with the permit.  It's exciting that she'll soon be able to drive herself and run errand for you :) but terrifying all at once.  Have a fabulous weekend. xoxo

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    Thanks for the party, Heather! Hang in there with the newly permitted driver! I can't tell you how many times I stepped on an imaginary brake while sitting in the passenger seat with my first two drivers. I even had flashbacks of Lamaze breathing!

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    Hey, Heather!  I cannot even imagine what it must be like to turn the car keys over to your child, lol!  Thankfully I still have a few years to prepare myself for that!  Thanks so much for the feature this week, and for hosting the party!!!  :D :D :D


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