Friday Flair & Who I Am with Candace from Sparkle Power

Who I am

Candace from Sparkle Power

I am a wife, partner, best friend & lover.
I am a mother, nurturer, teacher & snuggler.
I am religious, a daughter of God, a Mormon.
I am an introvert & a homebody.
I am a thrift store shopper, coupon clipper & deal diva.
I am a maker, a seamstress & a crafter.
I am a recycler, a repurposer & a friend to the environment.
I am simple & practical.

As a blogger, I often compare myself to other bloggers & feel pressure to keep up with or be more like them.  I'll go through periods of feeling inadequate.  Every time I do this, I ultimately come to the conclusion that I just need to be myself!  I am best when I am just me!

The truth is that we can never get enough external validation and in the continuous search of it, we will forget who we really are.  We will loose everything that made us great to begin with.

When I am in the right frame of mind, I don't compare myself to others, I don't worry about others judgements of me & I can add "I am awesome." to the end of the list above.

I met Candance several months ago at our Blogger's Night Out Vegas Style and immediatley fell in love with her.  She has a style all her own and I LOVE it!!! I love what she has to say about accepting and loving who you are.  Candace is a true gem! You have to go and check out Sparkle Power and see all of her fun projects.

Now it's Party Time!!!

It’s Friday Flair… show us what you have {Whipped-Up} this week!

Here are the sticky rules {you know rules are in place so that no one gets their feelings hurt or their eye poked out! So let’s play nice.}
  • Please link up only your own projects, and link to the specific post, not your blog home page. No Etsy shops or giveaways, please.
  • You must grab a WhipperBerry button from the sidebar and include it somewhere in the post you’re linking, or on your home page (a text link is great too).
  • Stay and mingle (remember, it’s a party!), and leave a couple comments for other guests!



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