12 Days of Christmas~Day 11~Gift Tags {Event}

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true friend gave to me…


…eleven gift tags so my gifts go under the right tree.

If you are just joining us, refer back to day one for all the details of our 12 Days of Christmas event!

Click the image to download Kristin’s printable for today’s gift:


I decorated these gift tags using paper yarn that I spun from a variety of different papers.

WB 272

I cut tags out of heavyweight white paper, and lined the edges with two layers of home-spun paper yarn (tutorial below).  I also formed a decorative heart out of the yarn and glued it on each tag.

WB 265

I punched a hole in the top of each tag and tied on matching yarn.

WB 263

I used many colored tissue papers, newspaper, and even toilet paper (shhh!) to make my yarn.

WB 261

Here’s how I did it!

Home-Spun Paper Yarn Tutorial:

For this example I’m using one sheet of red tissue paper.

WB 131

Fold the sheet on it’s natural fold lines and cut width-wise into 1-2 inch strips.

WB 145  WB 148

Unfold the strips and twist the end of one. Insert it into the end of an electric drill, and tighten it down. Two people are needed for this next part, so I enlisted the help of my darling husband. He was happy to help because there were power tools involved.

WB 151  WB 155 (2)

One person runs the drill (any bets who that was?) and the other person holds the other end of the paper strip. Run the drill until almost all of the paper strip is twisted tight. Leave a section big enough to fold in another strip and then keep on twisting.

WB 161  WB 165

Keep folding in new strips and twisting them tight. Each sheet of tissue paper ends up making approx. 20 feet of yarn!

WB 168  WB 171

I made some out of newspaper and toilet paper too.  The toilet paper is easier because it’s already long and on a roll, so unwind it as far as you want, cut it to the width you want, and spin away! No need to fold in additional pieces.

WB 187  WB 177

Have fun spinning paper!




  1. [email protected] says

    What a beautiful blog! Why am I just now finding you? So glad I did. ;o)

  2. ellie g says

    Ummmmm, Emily….I hope it feels completely amazing being an absolute genius. Because you are. And these are divine!

  3. Jenn Erickson says

    Stopping by from the linky party over at A Little Lovely. What beautiful tags. I've never seen hand-spun paper yarn before. Ingenious! So glad I stopped by to soak up some inspiration. Happy Holidays! Warmest wishes, Jenn

  4. Simply Domestic says

    Love this idea! I think I've been living under a rock, because I just know found your blog! Can't wait to look around.:)

  5. Moe says

    This is so cute! I've recently discovered spinning paper as well. Isn't it fun :) I use a drop spindle though….a drill would scare me lol

    Popping by from the Girl Creative

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