Free Printable Christmas Countdown and Wood Clipboard Tutorial

Hi all!  It’s Jenn from My Fabuless Life.  I’m SO excited that the Christmas season is HERE, and even more excited to share a little printable Christmas Countdown project with all of you.  If you follow me on my blog, you already know that I’m a sucker for all things counting down to the big Holiday, so this is one of several advent calendars that I have around my house.  
All you’ll need for this project is:
* a block of wood (mine is 8×10, purchased from a local woodcraft store, but you can easily use whatever scraps you have lying around, or even a picture frame).
*a metal clip or clothespin
*the printables I’ve provided for you at the end of the post
I sanded and rounded out the edges of my wood block, and then stained it with my favorite stain (Early American from Minwax).  Once the stain was dry, I sanded the edges again to give them a more aged look,
then I hot glued the clip on in the center of the wood. 
To give the cards a little something extra, I colored the edges with a red marker. 
This would be a really fun project with a picture frame too.  Just put some pretty paper inside the frame, and glue the clip to the glass on the frame.  

Enjoy!  And happy Holiday decorating!  You can get details on my full Christmas display (including details on the coordinating "Merry & Bright" print) over at My Fabuless Life.


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