{Guest Blogger} Jamie from The Letter 4

Hello fellow Whipperberry lovers! I'm Jamie from The Letter 4 and I'm ecstatic that I have the honor of guest posting today! Whipperberry was one of the very first link party's we joined when we first started blogging. I was stunned when I got an e-mail asking if we would be interested in guest posting, so a HUGE thank you to Heather and the whole Whipperberry gang!  You ladies are amazing! (and gorgeous!)

We are 4 sisters with a love for…well anything and everything that inspires us. All of us have different tastes and talents.  Some things we have in common are:  a lack of an "inside voice",  an ability to be easily entertained (we laugh at EVERYTHING),  and an insane talent of being able to hold an entire conversation using only movie quotes.

I am the printable mastermind over at our blog. I wasn't even thinking about fall, and I was enjoying my summer until my little sister Janae had to go buy a ton of cute back to school fall fashion clothes. Well, now I can't wait to feel that slight chill in the breeze, see the beautiful colors, and play in the leaves with my daughter. So, I have made this printable for you! It may be a bit early but have you seen all the cute jackets being pinned on pinterest?  Ya, I know you all are thinking about it.  :)

 click here to download
This is just a very small taste of lots of other amazing things you'll find at our blog. So head on over and be inspired to create something, cook something, try out a new hairstyle, read a new book, and LOTS more!
Thanks again Whipperberry!  You crazy talented ladies never fail to make our mouths water with your amazing desserts!
-The Letter 4 sisters
I have fallen in love with The Letter 4 over the last couple of months. These girls have such a fun style and view of the world, I LOVE it!!  Thanks Ladies for sharing your fabulous printable today.
I also wanted to let you know that I am blogging over at Busy Mommy Media today.  Come check out today's tasty treat!


  1. Bev says

    Thank you Jamie for the download. I am so loving it and I can’t wait for fall to get here. I think it is my favorite season as the colors are awesome. Also, love the feel of the coolness in the air. Reminds me of my childhood…county fairs, carnivals and now that I am older I look forward to the fall festivals. Thanks for sharing and the memories! Have an awesome Fall!

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