Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes | Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago my Sweetheart was out of town and so I took my kiddos out for a fun dinner at one of our favorite places, The Elephant Bar at The District in Green Valley Ranch. The kiddos LOVE that place! I love it for two reasons… the sweet potato fries with the spicy ketchup and that Anthropologie is right across from the restaurant.  After dinner we headed over and I found the cutest snow globes in a jar! I just had to make some of my own…

They couldn't be easier to make!  Here is what you will need…

  • Jars {a good shape and size for your trees}
  • Bottle Brush Trees {I bought mine at Big Lots}
  • Buffalo Snow or any type of faux snow that you can find
  • Glue Dots {I like my Elmer's Glue Spots} or hot glue

First, remove the lid of the jar and glue the tree to the bottom of the lid…

Place a small amount of snow in the jar. Make sure not to fill it too much. You only need enough to cover the bottom of the tree once turned.

Carefully place the tree back into the jar and screw on the lid…

Now… shake to your hearts content! You've made a snow globe in like 2 minutes.  Create a few more out of different size and shaped jars and you will have a beautiful display that will last for years!

You can even wrap them up and give them as gifts for Christmas…

You'll be a hit!!


  1. says

    So fun! I did the same exact thing a few weeks ago…went in there, spotted them and knew I could recreate them fast. They’ve been a total hit!! Yours turned out so cute! And the straws are perfect, thanks again!! I owe ya!

  2. says

    I saw these this past Christmas when I went shopping with my daughter. I immediately loved them and decided I would make them. I hadn’t had chance until now. Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial and post! I plan on making some for Valentine’s Day and Easter. I figure, why wait until Christmas? :)

    • says

      Susan that is exactly how I feel!! I plan on making variations for each season this year. I would LOVE to see what you come up with!

  3. says

    I love your waterless snow globes. I wanted to make some for the wonderful girls in my life last Christmas but couldn’t find what I thought were appropriate jars. Now I know any kind of jar will work. Thank you so very much for the inspiration!!

  4. Aunty T says

    I made small ones (2-1/2" tall) and stuck them in clear plastic containers.  I used tacky glue and it worked fine.  I gave these away along with small holiday-scented hand sanitizers in little Santa bags for holiday "gifts".  They were a hit in the office!  Thank you for this great idea!

  5. Claire says

    I made a ton of these this Christmas and gave some as presents: Everyone loved them! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    Although for some of them, I kept the jars the tight way up, and covered them either with Christmas paper or plain brown paper with white ribbon and they looked gorgeous.


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