Hi Whipperberry friends!  It's Jenn from My Fabuless Life.  I hope your Holidays were wonderful!  Today I'm sharing a quick Memory Wreath I put together with some of my favorite moments (via Instagram) from the past year.  I have a sort of picture addiction and am always running out of space to hang or display more frames, so this is perfect for being able to display LOTS of pictures in a small space!

I started my Instagram wreath with a wire wreath form from the craft store and spray painted it gold.


Then I printed out my favorite Instagrams in black and white.  You can find a free template and tutorial on how to print them yourself here.

Once cut, I laid them out on the wreath to get an idea of placement, and then just slipped them between the wire.  I put a little piece of tape of the back of them to hold them in place and then taped some of them directly on.

Then I added a few yarn pom poms and that's it!  I plan on keeping this up all year and switching out the pictures periodically.




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